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How to Make the Most Effective Use of a Loft Conversion

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In this current economic climate, the housing market is unfortunately inaccessible to a large number of people. As a result of this, homeowners who are looking for extra space are turning their attention to their lofts and choosing to convert them. With a little effort and imagination it is possible to convert your loft from a storage space into a room that can be used in a number of different ways.

Large lofts can make ideal master bedrooms, while families who have teenagers may find that this is a great way to give their young adults the extra space that they crave. If you are planning to use your loft as a room where people will sleep, you will need to make sure that it is well ventilated and that the floor is strong enough to hold any furniture you want to add. Alternatively, your loft can be converted into a fun games room that the kids are sure to love, whilst other ideas for this space include a home study or a library.

One limitation of many lofts is light as they tend to be rather dark, which can in turn make them feel cramped. Adding a large skylight to the roof of your loft is the perfect way to add extra light and give the illusion of space. Adding a skylight is simple and one of the great things about this is that at night you will be able to lie in bed or on a sofa and gaze up at the stars. Of course, you can also close off the skylight whenever you want a little privacy by simply adding a curtain rail and a set of curtains or modern blinds.

If your loft is particularly large, you may also want to consider adding an extra bathroom to create an en-suite within a new bedroom. As well as being a highly functional addition to your property, this could also increase its value should you look to sell your home further down the line.

If you need a little help converting your loft, consulting an expert is an excellent idea. We at Blackstone Construction offer high end loft conversions that can transform your loft into a room that the whole family can get a lot of enjoyment out of for many years to come.

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