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From A House To A Home: Top Tips For Making The Most Of Your Property

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A house is just a building – somewhere where you store your stuff, cook meals and go to bed. But a home is so much more than just something you owe money on. It’s a reflection of you, your family and your personalities. It’s welcoming, it’s homely, it’s relaxing, and it’s exciting – it’s whatever you are.

Making your house a home doesn’t need to take decades of accumulation, photos and nick-nacks; it can be achieved with some great personalisation tips, from small to large, to help transform your property into something you, your friends and family can recognise as your own.

Redecorate, Renovate

Redecorating or simply redesigning the layout of spaces like your living room can make a big difference to that homely feel your house will have. There’s no magic interior design formula, as the whole point of a house being a home is that it’s personal to you and reflects your tastes and your personality.

If you’re quite an up-to-date, cutting edge kind of person that perhaps going for a modern style in your living room. Basic, block colours are the best choice for your walls, with square space-saving furniture the ideal way to kit the room out. Use furniture that allows you to have as much free space as possible and go for recessed light fittings or thin floor lamps.

Build Up, Don’t Move Out

If your house doesn’t have the space or the rooms that you want to make that house to home transformation, then you may be thinking that perhaps the property you’re in isn’t right for you. Well, if that isn’t the case make it so!

Home extensions are a far more cost effective solution compared with moving house and, most importantly, they allow you to create something that is truly your own. Whether it’s a simple loft conversion, for extra bedrooms or office space, or a rear extension to add a dining room or extra lounge space, it’s perhaps one of the best ways to make your house well and truly your own.

Here at Blackstone Construction we specialise in home extensions and loft conversions in North London. Our comprehensive services mean that whatever you want to do to transform your home into a property you love, whether it’s big or small, we can help. For a complimentary survey and completely free quote, call us today on 0208 902 8318.

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