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Add Extra Space to your Home with a Top of the Range Extension

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In a world in which career property development is very much in fashion, it can sometimes feel like ‘home’ has become a dirty word. Houses are no longer homes, they are properties. Empty, soulless buildings that you should feel no more emotional attachment to than you do your washing machine. So just like an appliance, when they’re no longer fit for purpose: you get rid of them for another.

This is nonsense of course. No matter what fashion says, for the vast majority of us a house is still a home. Nevertheless, an otherwise perfect home can become a little cramped as time goes on. Growing families and growing stacks of possessions create an ever increasing demand for both storage and usable space.

So what do you do if your once perfect home is now too small? Well, you could try to find another home that fits all your specifications, only bigger. This is easier said than done, especially as it involves becoming embroiled in a housing market that for the last few years has been less than predictable. Or you could keep the home you already love and tackle the space issue by simply making it bigger.

An extension is an ideal way to overcome issues of space. There are also a number of key benefits to opting to build an extension. These include:

• An extension is built to your specifications, and this means no compromises. Rooms are the dimensions that you need them to be, meaning the space is shaped to your needs rather than having to make the best of the available space.

• You have freedom to expand in a direction that suits you. Don’t fancy losing any garden space by building over it? Why not make space with a loft conversion.

• If a lack of space is the only concern in an otherwise loved home, an extension can prove to be a much more cost effective solution than moving.

• An extension can also add value to your home. You may not want to move now. But who knows what the future will bring? Your practical choice can double as a sound investment.

A home extension is an intelligent way to increase the useable space within a home, offering clear benefits, especially when the only issue with the house is a lack of space. As a high quality builder in Watford, Blackstone Construction is able to help you with all of your home extension needs.

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