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Building Vs. Buying – The Advantages Of Contracting A New Build

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Imagine your perfect home – it’s going to be something personal, unique to you and your family’s wants and needs, and unlikely to be something easy to find readily on the housing market. It’s no wonder then that, with the difficulties in the housing market and the time consuming complexity involved in trying to track down exactly what you want, more and more people are turning to new builds rather than buying a property.
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How to Make the Most Effective Use of a Loft Conversion

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In this current economic climate, the housing market is unfortunately inaccessible to a large number of people. As a result of this, homeowners who are looking for extra space are turning their attention to their lofts and choosing to convert them. With a little effort and imagination it is possible to convert your loft from a storage space into a room that can be used in a number of different ways. Continue reading →

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Why FMB Accreditations Are Important To Your New Build

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Whenever we contract the services of a professional, we want to be able to ensure quality, reliability and genuine professionalism. It’s one of the reasons why we want to scope out our potential contractor’s credentials, whether they’re electricians, plumbers or builders.

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Growing Your Home: The Benefits Of Investing In Home Extensions

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It can often be the case that you move into an excellent property in a fantastic location, with superb travel links, and links to local schools and amenities, but the house doesn’t quite provide you with everything you were looking for.

Perhaps you had to compromise on the number of bedrooms to secure that ideal location, or it turns out that your needs have changed since you moved in and now your property no longer provides you with everything your need. If this is the case, then transforming your home with a high-quality, seamless extension can be just what you need to make your house a home.

Transform Your House Into A Home

As well as being a much more financially viable option than moving house, simply building on and extending your existing property allows you to really get what you want out of your home – thanks to our building and design services, you can specify exactly what it is you want your new extension to provide and can be involved every step of the way to ensure that your needs are met.

Whether you need a ground floor bathroom, extra bedrooms upstairs, a larger kitchen or reception rooms, or you just want to increase your property’s living space then you can make your dream home a reality with our extension services – without the need to scour property listings for that perfect home.

Boost Your Property’s Potential Value

As well as providing you with extra rooms, living space and features, home extensions can also be a great investment. By transforming your property from a three bedroom house into a four bedroom house, or adding extra reception rooms, bathrooms or dining rooms, you could also increase your property’s potential market value – perfect for buy-to-let properties, or homes you eventually intend on moving from.

By extending the property and adding more rooms, you make the house much more desirable to potential buyers, particularly if the extra rooms are large enough and the extensions are of a high quality. With our building and design services here at Blackstone Construction & Design, we provide nothing less than impeccable work – whether you’re simply extending a kitchen or living area or adding extra bedrooms and bathrooms to your property, our high-quality building extensions will stand your home in good stead if you’re looking to re-sell.

However you might be thinking of extending or transforming your home, our team of experienced designers and buildings can provide you with a high-quality extension to make your vision a reality. As well as providing your property with something completely new, like extra living space or more rooms, our work will always seamlessly blend with the rest of your home. If you’re looking to get your project started as soon as possible, call us today on 0208 902 8318 to discuss your dream extension with our team.

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Top Types Of Extensions & Conversions To Make The Most Of Your Home

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With the limitations of the current financial climate, extending your property and building upon what you already have is a much more financially viable option – and it gives you the ability to create a home you really want, rather than trying to find a property to buy that might not quite meet your expectations.

We run through some popular types of property extension, and just how they can benefit your home – aside from the obvious possibility of an increase in desirability and value if you decide to sell.

Above Garage Extensions

Above garage extensions are perfect for increasing the size of your property and adding extra rooms to upper floors of your home. For example, if you want to increase the number of bedrooms or upstairs bathrooms in your property then an above garage extension is the ideal way to do this – increasing the size of upper floors of your home, and construction rooms to your needs. Thinking of adding a second master bedroom to your property? Give us here at Blackstone Construction a call.

Rear-Property Extensions

If building up is not an option, then you might want to consider building out. Rear-property extensions are a great way to maximise the space that you might have behind your home and increase the size of utility rooms, kitchens and living rooms. Or, if you have a relative or family member with mobility problems, then an extension at the rear of your home could be used for an ideal downstairs bedroom, bathroom or maisonette.

This kind of extension is particularly useful if you’re restricted on attic space for loft conversions or have plenty of land behind your property that you want to maximise on for new rooms or extensions of existing ones.

Loft Conversions

Often you’re limited on space surrounding your property to build on, or perhaps on a tighter budget and new constructions are not possible for you. Loft conversions are a great way to maximise on the space that currently exists within your property without the need to build new structures, but with all the benefits that other kinds of extensions may bring – extra space, more rooms and living space, and potential for an increased value of your property. This type of conversion is perfect for adding a home office, another bedroom or extra living space and transforming your loft from a redundant storage area and into a vibrant and integral part of yur home.

If you’re looking to extend your home, and make the most of the property that you’re in right now, then call Blackstone Construction today on 0208 902 8318 and our professional team of contractors and builders can help transform your home into something you’ll love.

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From A House To A Home: Top Tips For Making The Most Of Your Property

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A house is just a building – somewhere where you store your stuff, cook meals and go to bed. But a home is so much more than just something you owe money on. It’s a reflection of you, your family and your personalities. It’s welcoming, it’s homely, it’s relaxing, and it’s exciting – it’s whatever you are.

Making your house a home doesn’t need to take decades of accumulation, photos and nick-nacks; it can be achieved with some great personalisation tips, from small to large, to help transform your property into something you, your friends and family can recognise as your own.

Redecorate, Renovate

Redecorating or simply redesigning the layout of spaces like your living room can make a big difference to that homely feel your house will have. There’s no magic interior design formula, as the whole point of a house being a home is that it’s personal to you and reflects your tastes and your personality.

If you’re quite an up-to-date, cutting edge kind of person that perhaps going for a modern style in your living room. Basic, block colours are the best choice for your walls, with square space-saving furniture the ideal way to kit the room out. Use furniture that allows you to have as much free space as possible and go for recessed light fittings or thin floor lamps.

Build Up, Don’t Move Out

If your house doesn’t have the space or the rooms that you want to make that house to home transformation, then you may be thinking that perhaps the property you’re in isn’t right for you. Well, if that isn’t the case make it so!

Home extensions are a far more cost effective solution compared with moving house and, most importantly, they allow you to create something that is truly your own. Whether it’s a simple loft conversion, for extra bedrooms or office space, or a rear extension to add a dining room or extra lounge space, it’s perhaps one of the best ways to make your house well and truly your own.

Here at Blackstone Construction we specialise in home extensions and loft conversions in North London. Our comprehensive services mean that whatever you want to do to transform your home into a property you love, whether it’s big or small, we can help. For a complimentary survey and completely free quote, call us today on 0208 902 8318.

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Add Extra Space to your Home with a Top of the Range Extension

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In a world in which career property development is very much in fashion, it can sometimes feel like ‘home’ has become a dirty word. Houses are no longer homes, they are properties. Empty, soulless buildings that you should feel no more emotional attachment to than you do your washing machine. So just like an appliance, when they’re no longer fit for purpose: you get rid of them for another.

This is nonsense of course. No matter what fashion says, for the vast majority of us a house is still a home. Nevertheless, an otherwise perfect home can become a little cramped as time goes on. Growing families and growing stacks of possessions create an ever increasing demand for both storage and usable space.

So what do you do if your once perfect home is now too small? Well, you could try to find another home that fits all your specifications, only bigger. This is easier said than done, especially as it involves becoming embroiled in a housing market that for the last few years has been less than predictable. Or you could keep the home you already love and tackle the space issue by simply making it bigger.

An extension is an ideal way to overcome issues of space. There are also a number of key benefits to opting to build an extension. These include:

• An extension is built to your specifications, and this means no compromises. Rooms are the dimensions that you need them to be, meaning the space is shaped to your needs rather than having to make the best of the available space.

• You have freedom to expand in a direction that suits you. Don’t fancy losing any garden space by building over it? Why not make space with a loft conversion.

• If a lack of space is the only concern in an otherwise loved home, an extension can prove to be a much more cost effective solution than moving.

• An extension can also add value to your home. You may not want to move now. But who knows what the future will bring? Your practical choice can double as a sound investment.

A home extension is an intelligent way to increase the useable space within a home, offering clear benefits, especially when the only issue with the house is a lack of space. As a high quality builder in Watford, Blackstone Construction is able to help you with all of your home extension needs.

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Recent Work

Posted on by ali-blk

Living room sky light windows in Barnet project

Light fitting surrounded with coving

LED lighting behind coving in Barnet project

LED lighting hidden behind coving and A/C in Barnet project

Door to living room Barnet project

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Recent work

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Loft Conversion

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Lovely loft conversion providing this family with lots more space, with an unusual triangle window at the end to make the most of the space available and let as much light in as possible.

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